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omega 3 and omega 6 have many benefits, here you can understand the benefits, sources and risk of deficiency

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats: Benefits, Sources, Risks of Deficiency

Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that plays important roles in the body.DHA, in particular, is especially high in the retina, brain and...
breakfast makes an essential part of the daily diet. Make sure it contains the necessary ingredients to kick start your day effectively

7 Tips to Get All Your Daily Nutritional Needs

Average human adults require a minimum of 1700 kcal/day for their energy requirements. According to the Word...
Acerola Cherries have many health benefits. Read this article to discover more

Discover The Health Wonders of Acerola Cherries

Vitamin C content in Acerola Cherries is so high that no other fruits can beat them. Results demonstrated that Acerola had the highest...
Nutmeg contains psychoactive ingredients similar to those of MDMA drugs

Psychoactive Food: Nutmeg, A Relaxant Food, Gets Converted to MDMA in Your Body

Nutmeg has many health benefits. But it contains two psychoactive compounds, myristicin and elemicin, which both get converted to MDMA and Mescaline in...
a woman struggling to sleep with Insomnia. Neuroactive drugs are usually given to patients with insomnia. we are looking for food items instead

Forget Neuroactive Drugs, Pistachio and GABA Induced-Chocolate Is What You Need to Sleep Better

A neuroactive substance could be a naturally synthesized substance (NAS), a drug, a toxin or even a food item. It is defined as a...
concept of depression. A sad young girl surrounded by others where you can easily see her being emotionally drained

Food Is What You Need to Beat Depression

Depression was the second leading cause of years lived with a disability worldwide (according to a 2013 statistics). Almost 20% of those...
Thickeners are widely used in many items we consume daily. Are they healthy?

Thickeners in My Food, Should I be Worried?

Thickeners usually make up a good amount of many products when they are needed. Usually there are lots of concerns about the health implications...

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